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Benign Prostate Hyperplasia Regimen

Summary:  Practice Metal Avoidance, use The Water Cure, take Country Life Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Extract, a good multivitamin like NSI Synergy Basic Multi-Vitamin Version 2 icon, and a supplement high in magnesium like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate. Eat two tablespoons or more per day of raw pumpkin seeds (de-hulled).

Metal Avoidance is the most important regimen followed by The Water Cure.  One anecdote provided on the rife list reported someone who strictly avoided metals as per Hulda Clark and dropped his PSA 100 points in less than two months, an incredible amount.   The Water Cure helps remove metals from body tissues, too, as does Vitamin C (see below).

The classic remedy for BPH is saw palmetto berry extract.  It works okay by itself if sufficient minerals and EFAs are consumed, but works much better with pygeum.  The Country Life product recommended has by far the best potency for the price for these ingredients.  Beta sitosterol is the active ingredient in both pygeum and saw palmetto. Note that only high potency (20:1) guaranteed potency saw palmetto extracts are worthwhile. Plain saw palmetto berry supplements are widely sold, but have little effect.  

High cholesterol, as well as obesity, is known to raise estrogen in men, a principal cause of prostate cancer. When male estrogen increases, testosterone decreases.

Studies have found that high testosterone levels in men prevent prostate problems. It is amazing that despite the evidence, conventional doctors think that high testosterone levels are the problem when young men, who have the highest levels, do not suffer from this disorder.

Next most important is to ensure adequate intake of minerals, especially magnesium, zinc, and selenium.  The multivitamin product recommended has sufficient zinc and selenium.  A multivitamin like this is best taken one with breakfast and one with lunch.  Magnesium and some non-deposit forming calcium can be had with the 1:1 ratio Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate (not Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate With Vitamin D, which is a 2:1 ratio).  Do not take any calcium carbonate.  Calmag supplements are best taken at night.  If there is any trouble urinating, add vitamin B6 for one month taken with the cal-mag.  If urination is painful at all, use marshmallow root (tea or capsules) in as high a dose as is comfortable.  

Raw pumpkin seeds are an excellent supplement for prostate problems when eaten 2 tbs or more per day with plenty of water. Many supplements meant for the prostate are primarily pumpkin seed oil, but it is better to consume the seeds directly to get the benefit of this rich source of zinc and magnesium, not to mention protein, which are absent from pumpkin seed oil supplements.

Raw, hulled pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals like zinc and magnesium, plus provide essential fatty acids which can in some cases be crucial.  They are good to chew on after taking capsules to ensure they are "washed down."  Raw walnuts and/or almonds may also provide some benefit, but pumpkin seeds are best. Use an essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement like Jarrow Omega Balance if sufficient raw nuts are not consumed. See EFA Supplements section for more information.

Beta sitosterol may be more helpful than saw palmetto in many cases.  The cheapest supplements widely available which contain it are FutureBiotics Pressur-Lo, FutureBiotics Cholesta-Lo, and FutureBiotics Cholestatin.  As one can see, beta sitosterol is also useful to control high blood pressure and cholesterol.  And one need not have these problems to take these FutureBiotics products - the Pressur-Lo is an excellent heart and circulation supplement even if blood pressure is not high, and the Cholesta-Lo is an excellent liver supplement, even if cholesterol is not high.

Many times BPH may be exacerbated by infection, even if it has not been diagnosed.  The most common pathogen is probably a strep bacteria.  If this is the case, high dose vitamin C and a good antiseptic like olive leaf extract work best.  Vitamin C also removes toxic metals from the body so is a good therapy regardless.





















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