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Cancer Regimen

This is what I would do if I had cancer.  I list the main supplements I would take and what other therapies I would use.

Cancer - What I Would Do

For diet, control blood sugar levels by limiting starchy carbohydrates and sugars and getting adequate protein and good oils (see Diet section).  Clean up the home environment and limit toxin absorption and ingestion (see Toxin Avoidance). Toxin avoidance is often the most important yet challenging part of a cancer regimen.  

Supplements and Therapies

1.  Use Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte IP-6 at the cancer dose of 8 capsules (or 4 chewable tablets) once or twice per day on an empty stomach.  It is taken on an empty stomach since it binds with minerals, which is beneficial when it removes metals like iron from cancerous cells, but long term use can cause mineral deficiencies.  This supplement can be used for a short term cleansing regimen, for two to three weeks, to help clean metals out of the body while stimulating NK cells and other immune system activity. Then used every other day for maintenance, or at a low daily dose like two capsules in the morning. If it is necessary to use it continuously at the cancer dose to keep the problem under control, ensure adequate mineral consumption.

The cardinal rule of effective alternative cancer treatment is TREAT CANCER LIKE AN INFECTION. Never lose sight of this. The infection may be from fungi, bacteria, parasites, or viruses.

2.  Use The Water Cure, using the recommended amount of salt, to remove toxins and fully hydrate the body.  Ensure adequate consumption of minerals, especially magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Get calcium and magnesium from a 1:1 ratio supplement only, like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate. See the Multimineral section for more information. Potassium is had by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. The Water Cure is used long term.

3.  Perform an Antiparasitic Regimen.  This mainly consists of using a good antiparasitic like Eclectic Institute Intestinal Support at double recommended dosage the first week (after building up slowly), recommended dosage the second week, and for a week every month at recommended dosage afterward.  If the problem is severe it can be used three weeks on and one week off.  Other antiparasitics, like Blue Moon or Kroeger Clove capsules, should be added if more action is needed.  The Eclectic Institute formula is good since it contains two kinds of wormwood and may help control mycoplasmas, spirochetes, and other microbes in addition to larger parasites.

Antiparasitic regimens are performed two to three weeks or longer as needed, then twice per week afterward for maintenance.

4.  Use an antiviral antifungal antibacterial supplement.  The best single choice is probably Cansema Tonic III, a hoxsey-type formula, which also has strong antiparasitic qualities such that it can be used instead of the antiparasitic regimen above.  (NOTE: Cansema is no longer available. See Skin Cancer regimen for details.) Acceptable is olive leaf extract used at double recommended dose for one week followed by recommended dose. Gaia and Eclectic both make water extracted olive leaf extract products which are the best choice.  Prediluted oregano oil can also be used, and is recommended by Hulda Clark to brush the teeth (put a single drop on a toothbrush) to control pathogenic bacteria coming from the mouth or it can be used internally, with 10-15 drops mixed into water two to three times per day of the prediluted variety such as North American Oreganol (regular strength). Antiseptic supplements are used in high dose at first until no longer necessary, then used a few times per week or whenever needed afterward.

What causes cancer? One theory is that the body absorbs toxic chemicals or metals which gather in organs or tissues and depress immune function as well as tissue oxygenation. Malformed cells are normally removed, but if immune cells are too busy taking care of toxic materials or otherwise hampered, there may be an insufficient response. If the area also spawns an infection, viral, bacterial, fungal, or of larger parasites, these organisms may create growth factors for their own benefit of reproduction, but which also stimulates cancer cells.

5.  CoQ10.  Use in whatever dose one can afford.  200 mg per day is good, 400mg is better, 600mg or more is best.  However, taking as little as 30mg per day is still beneficial.  Always take CoQ10 with an oily food like a meal, or a few raw walnuts, or an EFA supplement (see below), to greatly increase absorption. CoQ10 is used long term. CoQ10 is often available in softgel form mixed in oil. This is not necessary if sufficient oils are always consumed with the CoQ10, but if they are not, using the softgel is preferred.

6.  Anti-inflammatory enzymes.   Inflammation makes it more likely for cancer to initiate and spread.  Enzymes also boost immune system function without making it overactive, provide nutrients to help clean up tumor debris, assist digestion of proteins and oils in the diet, which further boosts the immune system and improves nutritional status, and fights pain and inflammation.  If controlling inflammation is of the utmost importance, as in fighting brain cancers, enzymes are the most important supplement.

The most enzyme action for the money is had in pancreatin supplements.   Examples of these include Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes, Twinlab Pancreatin, Wobenzym, and Healthgenesis Megazyme Forte. One must use a product without acidic components like oxbile and HCL since these cannot be taken in large enough amounts without causing stomach upset.  Healthgenesis.com Megazyme Forte contains the most chymotrypsin, which is one of the components of pancreatin thought to be best in fighting cancer when used in conjunction with vitamin B-17 (laetrile), but all of these provide similar action digesting protein and fighting inflammation.  Another company makes a product called Megazyme Forte which is not the same thing as the one sold by healthgenesis.com.  Note also that healthgenesis.com's Megazyme Forte, unlike Twinlab Pancreatin or Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes, contains zinc which if taken in large doses can cause stomach upset.  For doses, use 4 capsules with and between each meal.  Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes are over twice as potent as the other two so less are necessary - 2 tablets with and between each meal.  Taking with meals assists digestion and protein assimilation best, taking between meals fights cancer and inflammation best.  If there is pain or no progress in reducing a tumor, increase the amounts of enzymes.  There is no toxic amount of pancreatin but, again, the Megazyme Forte can cause stomach upset if used in too high a dose due to the zinc.

If pancreatin will not or cannot be used for any reason, bromelain (pineapple enzyme) is acceptable.  Use only bromelain capsules since bromelain tablets are often sprayed with isopropyl alcohol, a possible cancer catalyst, before packaging.

Enzymes are used long term, but decrease to recommended serving sizes after the problem is solved.

7.  Essential fatty acids.  (EFAs)  Use a molecularly distilled EPA fish oil or other good omega 3 product.  Molecular distillation removes toxic metals like mercury which are often found in fish oils.  Suitable products are made by Carlson, Health From the Sun, Enzymatic Therapy, and Omega Nutrition, among others.  Fish oils come in two types - cod liver oil and "plain" fish oil.  Cod liver oil provides less EPA/DHA fatty acids but includes vitamins A and D, which are often helpful in fighting cancer. Plain fish oils provide more EPA/DHA and little if any vitamins A and D. A good plan is to use cod liver oil when the weather is cold and plain fish oil when it is warm.  Exposing the skin to sunlight produces a large amount of vitamin D in the body so it is usually not necessary to use cod liver oil when getting regular exposure.  Those with dark skin or who rarely are exposed to sunlight usually do better to use cod liver oil continuously. 

Raw nuts can also be used to provide some omega 3 oils.  Raw walnuts are good as are raw hulled pumpkin seeds.  If they agree with digestion, one can eat 2 brazil nuts per day, the richest natural source of selenium.  A few nuts are especially good to eat with supplements that are better absorbed with oils, in particular CoQ10, and are also useful to eat after taking capsule or tablet supplements to "wash them down" and ensure they do not get stuck in the throat.

The Budwig diet recommends consuming cottage cheese with flax oil (a tablespoon per half cup to cup of cottage cheese two or three times per day).  Flax is an omega 3 oil however it is not in a form that can be used by the body directly - it must first be converted to EPA/DHA.  See Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism for more information.  This conversion only takes place if there is sufficient protein in the diet and not too many carbs, otherwise using flax oil can actually slow the conversion of all essential fatty acids into body-usable forms, creating a deficiency.  Eating adequate cottage cheese provides enough protein where this is not a problem.  If this diet is followed, use only organic cottage cheese and a good quality flax oil sold refrigerated in a dark bottle, as from Health From The Sun, Omega Nutrition, or Barlean's.  High lignan content is best. One benefit of using omega 3 oils in this manner is that, when omega 3 conversion is effective as it should be, it is the equivalent of using a huge number of EPA fish oil capsules.

Essential fatty acid supplements are used long term as part of a General Maintenance regimen.

8.  Vitamin C and Minerals   For the most action in severe cases, use vitamin C up to bowel tolerance, but as little as 1g (1000mg) per day is helpful.  If dietary mineral status is low due to poor nutrition, vitamin C must be used with adequate minerals. Since vitamin C causes increased elimination, sufficient mineral intake must be assured or it could cause a deficiency. For minerals, use a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate.  This is a cleansing form since it contains so much magnesium.  Or, use a 1:1 cal-mag ascorbate product like Nutribiotic Hypo-Aller C to provide both minerals and vitamin C.

Vitamin C and minerals are used long term. After the problem is solved, continue to get adequate calcium (50% RDA or more) and magnesium (100% RDA or more) daily and use vitamin C in low to medium dose.

9.  A liver cleansing supplement.  There is much liver, kidney, and other organ cleansing action with the recommendations above, but it may be necessary to clean petrochemicals out of the liver quickly.  If the liver's function is severely compromised, this becomes a number 1 or 2 supplement.   Good combination products for this purpose are FutureBiotics Silymarin Plus or Now Silymarin.  Futurebiotics is best for immediate and strong cleansing action taken at the full recommended dosage for two to three weeks or longer as needed, then one weekend per month. Now Silymarin is best for maintenance since the turmeric base it contains provides antioxidant and antiseptic properties and can be taken one capsule before bed long term.

10.  Basic multivitamin regimen (include mixed tocopherols).  Do not use B vitamins including a multivitamin without first taking antiseptic supplements since they can otherwise stimulate fungi and parasites. A multivitamin can be taken long term if desired if it provides noticeable benefits in energy levels and well being.

If additional measures were required, I would consider cleansers and antiseptics like the Hoxsey formula.  Gaia makes a good one called Hoxsey Red Clover Formula.  They make another deep tissue cleanser called Scudder's Alterative that may work better for some people.  Use either at recommended dose. 

Boosting protein intake is often helpful to control blood sugar levels and hence growth factors.  Whey is one of the best forms of protein since it excels at boosting glutathione levels in the body, which controls pain and inflammation and improves the immune system.  Using vitamin C while taking whey boosts glutathione levels even more.  Most people do fine on whey protein, but some do not.  Predigested whey usually does not cause a problem even if one is sensitive to most dairy products, but evaluate this to ensure it is providing benefit.  Designer Whey Protein is one of the best protein powders for the money but use only French Vanilla or plain flavor since the others have an artificial sweetener.  For those who cannot tolerate whey, Natureade makes a soy-free vegetable protein powder. Although soy may provide a few useful nutrients to fight some cases of cancer, long term use may not be beneficial, especially considering soy is a potent protease, including chymotrypsin, enzyme inhibitor. For more information, see Problems with Soy.

Juicing provides nutritional and immune boosting benefits but be sure that they do not raise blood sugar levels.  One way to accomplish this is to add protein (like whey) and olive or flax oil to juices which have a high glycemic index (like carrot or fruit juices.)  The Vita-Mix blender is, IMO, the best juicer since there is no waste and cleanup is easiest.

Glyconutrients and polysaccharides may be helpful against some diseases including cancer, but the products sold through multi level marketing schemes are very expensive (probably 3 times more than they should be, if other overhyped MLM products are any indication). Glyconutrients are also available from aloe juice, plus aloe juice has many other beneficial ingredients that are not found in typical glyconutrient products.  George's aloe juice is the most highly recommended type.  It is fractionally distilled to remove the laxative components, tastes almost like water, can be used in whatever amount is necessary, and is reasonable in cost (around $20 per gallon).  Of course, like any aloe juice, George's is also excellent used topically. 

One mistake people make when formulating a cancer regimen for themselves is they forget the basics.  Taking advice from different people, often herb store clerks, they end up with 40 or 50 different supplements with no idea which are the most beneficial for their condition when they realize they cannot possibly take them all.  The basics are to be continuously using antineoplastic and antiseptic supplements or performing other measures to control infection be it from virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasites, controlling exposure to toxic elements, and ensuring consumption of nutrients often missing from the diet like sufficient vitamin C, enzymes, EFAs, and minerals. 

It helps the immune system far more to control an infection directly, avoid toxins which impair its function, and ensure the basic nutrients needed for its function rather than take high priced immune stimulants.  For example, I have seen people taking IP-6 and making progress only to be talked into instead using an expensive mushroom supplement by an herb store clerk (saying, "it contains IP-6, too!" - yeah, about 50 times less) and start losing progress despite spending hundreds per month on this one supplement.  I have seen people write or recite a long list of supplements they were taking for cancer, many very expensive, and there not be a single one with antiseptic action.   Don't make this mistake.

The following was written by Dr. Richard Loyd and posted to the rife lists.

The 90% Percent Solution

Many people who are trying to recover from cancer with non-toxic therapies want specific suggestions. They often spend a lot more money than necessary and take huge numbers of pills, many of which do not have a direct bearing on their problem or even slow progress. More may not be better! These suggestions are intended to offer nutritional support to supplement whatever medical treatment you and your physician decide on. Anyone with a condition which normally requires the services of a physician is urged to consult one. This is not intended as medical advice but rather health building information. Some equipment names have been left out due to recent molestations of equipment manufacturers by the FDA and FTC. If are considering chemo or radiation, ask your oncologist if the suggested therapy ever cures your kind of cancer. I have observed that toxic therapies greatly reduce the chance of recovery.

1. Kill the virus. EPBWBR which is an extract of elder, peppermint, black walnut and burdock has historically been used to aid the immune system in removing BX, BY and leukemia viruses. The dose is 15 drops four times a day - with meals and at bedtime. Graviola is compatible with the elder formula and is a good addition. Microhydrin or Mega-H helps the body fight BX and BY. Electronic devices that produce 11,780,000 Hz and 17,033,662 Hz will help kill the BX virus. For the BY, use 11,430,000. Best to use all of them. (A medical diagnosis will not help you with this.) Sweep up and down 1000 Hz or more or use a unit that drifts (such as the B&K-4040). Lower octaves at 2876 Hz and 2790 Hz will kill the virus if the device drifts or does .01Hz step sweeps. 2008 and 2128 may kill the virus. The Beck blood cleaner does kill the virus, at least those circulating in the blood. The Beck device should not be used by those taking any toxic medication or material which could be toxic if the dose were 20 times higher. For melanoma, use cat's claw. For lymphoma, grape leaf extract or the elder formula.

2. Kill parasites. Para, TheraClear, Parastroy, ParaGone/ParaMax and the Clark protocol have been used historically. Frequency equipment, Clark zappers, or a 727 Hz zapper have also been used.

3. Break down growths with radionics on the body or on supplements. Enzymes, alfalfa, chlorella or other herbs can be used. Activate enzymes and also chlorella (for toxic metals) with 41100 or 05000. http://www.royalrife.com/radionics.html for details. Activated herbs must be kept away from electrical equipment. The minimum dose for radionics is 3 tablets or capsules three times a day. Frequency devices can be used. Gradually work up to 45-60 minutes a day with 2008 and 2128 Hz. Use shorter times with brain or lung tumors. If symptoms of toxicity such as edema develop, reduce run times.

4. Avoid toxins. This is the hard part. If you do not make good progress in the first month or two, you may need to have dental metals removed by a dentist trained to do so. Find one who does not ever use mercury fillings and who has studied Dr. Hal Huggins' protocols. Use cilantro and chlorella or Metal Free or NDF. I am hearing reports of cancer remissions using Dr. Omura's program: 1 cilantro tablet along with 1 fish oil capsule four times a day. I would use chlorella along with cilantro. Do not have root canals done.  If you are not seeing results in three months, consider having root canals pulled.  I have seen cases where root canals were the main problem. Filter your water. Avoid shampoos and other cosmetics even if they do not list "prop" materials on the labels. Use 100 proof vodka as your deodorant. Brush your teeth with baking soda. Use Master's Miracle products and work up to 1-2 teaspoons a day of Neutralizer for chemical removal. Read Hulda Clark for more. Yes, some effort is required!

5. Enzymes. Dr. William Donald Kelley had people take 6 DA34 pancreatic enzymes every 6 hours with good success. A client of mine got over cancer under Dr. Kelley's care. He had her take DA34 at the rate of "a handful" every 6 hours! If this does not eliminate gas and heartburn, try adding betaine hydrochloride at the end of each meal. Start with one per meal. It is a good idea to eat one apricot kernel for each 10 pounds of body weight daily in divided doses to aid the enzymes in removing unwanted materials from the body. 

6. Correct your chemistry. See http://www.royalrife.com/hbal.html  for details. You can phone 1-800-736-4320 for the name of the nearest doctor who can do the test for you. I have seen tumors grow very rapidly with a dysaerobic imbalance, and shrink very rapidly when it was corrected. If you are not sensitive to iodine, take iodine if a smear on your skin goes away in less than 24 hours. It takes about 8 mg per day to saturate the thyroid and leave some for other uses. After two months of iodine use, check the morning underarm temperature. If it is below 97.8, take natural thyroid to bring it up. 

7. Oxygen. Halox is a stabilized oxygen solution. Use up to 80 drops in water per day. Each 10 drops should be in at least 4 ounces of water. Cellfood is also a good oxygen supplement.

8. Build up the immune system. Transfer Factor, Transfer Factor Plus, and Moducare are good.

9. Drink water. Divide your weight in pounds by 2. The result is the ideal number of ounces of pure water to drink a day. If this is a large increase for you, ask your physician if there is any reason that you should not drink this much water. Raw juices count as part of this water. Caffeine or sugary beverages do not.

10. Keep the bowels working. If the enzymes and betaine hydrochloride do not do this for you, take psyllium, eat dried prunes, cascara, whatever you have to do. We want all methods of elimination to be working. To clean out impacted material from the colon, every night take 1 teaspoon of magnesium oxide powder in a glass of water at bedtime followed by the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Do this until you get results. Standard Process "Okra Pepsin-E3" is Dr. Kelley's choice for bowel cleansing. A Clark liver flush is also a good idea.

11. Mix (in a blender if possible) 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese and 1 T of flax oil. It can be sweetened with stevia or honey. Take 1 batch per 50 pounds per day, maximum of 4 batches. This is powerful. And cheap.

12. Chinese herbs. 80% of cancer patients lack some of the half moons on their fingernails, and have teeth-marks (indentations) on the sides of their tongues. Look at the fingernails. There should be half-moons at the base of the thumbnail and the nails of the first three fingers. Not the pinkies. If there are less than 4 half moons on each hand, this indicates low cellular oxygenation. Take "Vein Lite" as directed on the package. This will also help remove heavy metals including mercury. People have also reported that taking enzymes restored half-moons.

Look at the tongue. If the edge is scalloped or has indentations, these are called "teeth-marks. This can indicate edema, low immunity and poor digestion. Use Chi's "Asparagus Extract" as directed on the bottle. There are reports of cancer recoveries from eating asparagus daily. Canned is fine. Puree it and take 1/4 cup twice a day. People have also reported that taking iodine took care of teeth-marks.

13. I am hearing reports of cancer recoveries using Sanum remedies. A basic treatment is the use of Sanum "Pleo-Muc" in the morning and "Pleo-Nig" at night.

14. Magnets. According to Dr. William Philpott, the negative face of a flat magnet has been successfully used as the primary or even only treatment for cancers near the surface of the body. Apply up to 24 hours a day.

15. Hormone sensitive tumors. Prostate, breast, and uterus cancer patients can take 2 DIM-PRO twice daily to block the formation of 16-hydroxy estrone and raise 2-hydroxy- and 2-methoxy-estradiol. (Or eat 2 pounds of raw broccoli a day!) Men can take 2 drops of Progest E progesterone twice a day, and pre menopausal women can take 3-4 drops twice a day from days 12-26 of their cycle. Rub it into the lips and gums. Yes, men do need progesterone too. And no, I do not think that prostate cancer is caused by testosterone. Eighteen year olds do not get prostate cancer, older men do!

16. WARNINGS: Essiac cancels the effect of the elder formula and vice versa. Green tea cancels the effect of the elder formula and other products. A simple program is more likely to produce health than a complicated program!


Dick http://www.royalrife.com 

Prostate Cancer Update

Life Extension Update Exclusive

Vitamin E succinate inhibits prostate tumor growth in laboratory studies

A report published in the May 15, 2006 issue of the International Journal of Cancer revealed the findings of researchers at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida and their colleagues at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine that a form of vitamin E (VE) known as vitamin E succinate (VES) suppressed prostate cancer cell growth in culture as well as in a mouse model of the disease.

Mokenge P. Malafa and his team used a rat prostate cancer cell line, and two androgen receptor-negative and one androgen receptor-positive human prostate cancer cell lines for the current study. The cells were incubated with various concentrations of vitamin E succinate, vitamin E (nonsuccinate), succinic acid, ethanol, or no additions, and cell activity was studied.

Vitamin E succinate significantly inhibited growth of the rat prostate cancer cells at 48 hours at a concentration for which vitamin E or succinic acid alone were ineffective. It was discovered that apoptosis, or programmed cell death, was the mechanism behind the growth inhibition. Vitamin E succinate also helped inhibit the growth of the human prostate cancer cells by the same mechanism.

In another experiment using mice who received prostate cancer tumor grafts, daily injections of 50 or 100 milligrams per kilogram vitamin E succinate were associated with tumor growth suppression compared to untreated mice. Although the 50 mg/kg dose appeared to be ineffective at preventing metastasis, mice who received the higher dose of vitamin E succinate had dramatically fewer metastatic nodules in the lungs than untreated mice.

“We have demonstrated for the first time that VES, a derivative of VE, is capable of inhibiting prostate cancer growth in vivo,” the authors announced. “Further studies of the antitumor effects of VES in vivo will aid in the design of clinical trials to incorporate the use of this micronutrient in the treatment of human prostate cancer,” they conclude.


Prostate cancer: metastasized/late stage

Not all prostate cancer (PC) is systemic, anymore than all breast cancer or other tumor types are systemic. If they were, we would never cure any man or woman of PC, breast cancer, or any other malignancy. Physicians claiming that every man with PC needs androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) as primary and sole therapy are blindly ignoring the growing numbers of men who present 8 to 15 years after radical prostatectomy (RP) or radiation therapy (RT) with a flat PSA graph. Emphasis on the use of routine prostate specific antigen (PSA) monitoring starting annually at the age of 40 with PSA velocity and doubling time determinations as a standard part of PSA reporting will increase the numbers of men diagnosed earlier, with a lower tumor burden, and cured with local modalities of treatment (Labrie et al., J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 1995; Labrie et al., Urology, 1996). PSA testing with these enhancements should start earlier, at age 35, in men with a familial history of PC.

The difference in treating early PC versus more advanced PC relates to the issue of cure as opposed to control. Early PC has the potential for cure via a local therapy combined with the use of ADT in situations where the tumor volume compromises the curative ability of local therapy such as RT (including seed implantation) or cryosurgery.

When PC spreads to the capsular interface and leaves the prostate gland, it reflects a change in the biologic nature of the cancer. The PC now is expressing its more aggressive nature in its ability to spread and metastasize. Why?

The aggressiveness of these tumors appears to directly correlate with the proportion of higher Gleason grade cells. This frequently involves multiple clones of PC cells-some androgen-sensitive, but others androgen-insensitive, and/or possibly androgen-altered (Aihara et al., Urology, 1994; Brawn, Cancer, 1983). This heterogeneity appears related to tumor size or burden. As the tumor burden increases by cell division, the chances of gene mutation increase, which in turn may lead to androgen or drug-resistant tumors. Such mutations likely result from the activation of oncogenes or the inhibition of tumor suppressor genes.


Featured Products

Vitamin E Succinate Capsules

Vitamin E compounds are usually produced and made available in esterified form as alpha-tocopheryl acetate or alpha-tocopheryl succinate. Neither of these forms has any antioxidant activity until converted to alpha-tocopherol in the body, but they are much more stable with respect to storage time and temperature than the unesterified forms. Moreover, while the acetate form is rapidly activated within the body, activation of the succinate form is slower. The succinate form appears to access and benefit areas of the tissues that are unavailable to the other forms. For this reason, there is a tendency to regard alpha-tocopherol succinate as a distinctly different and beneficial compound. Alpha-tocopherol succinate appears to have longer half-life in the body, and does not interfere with vitamin A or K absorption.


Mega Green Tea Extract Capsules

EGCG functions as an antioxidant that is about 25-100 times more potent than vitamins C and E.16 One cup of green tea may provide 10-40 mg of polyphenols and has antioxidant effects that are greater than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries.


What's Hot

Prostate cancer cells are wusses when it comes to hot chilies

Prostate cancer cells would rather commit suicide than feel the burn of hot chili peppers (or, at least, one of chili peppers' components), according to a report published in the March 15, 2006 issue of Cancer Research. Scientists at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center along with colleagues from the University of California at Los Angeles found that giving capsaicin, the compound in jalapeño chilies responsible for a burning sensation when consumed, to mice in whom human prostate cancer tumors were implanted caused approximately 80 percent of the cancerous cells to undergo apoptosis (programmed self-destruction). The dose given to the mice was the equivalent of giving a 200 pound man 400 milligrams capsaicin three times per week, which is the amount provided by three to eight fresh habañera peppers.

In separate studies using androgen-dependent and independent cell cultures, capsaicin reduced cell proliferation and lowered the production of prostate specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced by prostate tumors.



From Mike at truerife.com

"The following information is for research purposes only, and does not claim to present a cure for any disease or health condition."

Understanding the function of cancer on its most basic level can often result in getting a better grasp on other avenues of targeting or even preventing malignancy.  This is deep stuff, but it is worth the time for serious researchers to evaluate. 

Quote from: http://www.angio.org/understanding/understanding.html

The Body's Control of Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis occurs in the healthy body for healing wounds and for restoring blood flow to tissues after injury or insult. In females, angiogenesis also occurs during the monthly reproductive cycle (to rebuild the uterus lining, to mature the egg during ovulation) and during pregnancy (to build the placenta, the circulation between mother and fetus).

The healthy body controls angiogenesis through a series of "on" and "off" switches:

  • The main "on" switches are known as angiogenesis-stimulating growth factors
  • The main "off switches" are known as angiogenesis inhibitors
Angiogenesis may switch off in as little as two to fourteen days.

When angiogenic growth factors are produced in excess of angiogenesis inhibitors, the balance is tipped in favor of blood vessel growth. When inhibitors are present in excess of stimulators, angiogenesis is stopped. The normal, healthy body maintains a perfect balance of angiogenesis modulators. In general, angiogenesis is "turned off" by the production of more inhibitors than stimulators.

History of angiogenesis research

1787 - British surgeon Dr. John Hunter first uses the term 'angiogenesis' (new blood vessel growth) to describe blood vessels growing in the reindeer antler.

1935 - Boston pathologist Dr. Arthur Tremain Hertig describes angiogenesis in the placenta of pregnant monkeys.

1960's - Judah Folkman first hypothesized in the 1960's that angiogenesis is also integral to the complex biology that enables and encourages the growth of tumors and other forms of cancer. Folkman has spent the last four decades validating this hypothesis, beginning with a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1971.

In this paper, he proposed the revolutionary concept that tumors are unable to grow beyond a certain size unless they have a dedicated blood supply, and that successful tumors secrete an unknown substance (which he then called tumor angiogenesis factor, or TAF) that encourages new blood vessel growth. The process of angiogenesis, Folkman argued, helps transform a tumor from a small cluster of mutated cells to a large, malignant growth.

According to the National Cancer Institute, solid tumors cannot grow beyond the size of a pinhead, that is, 1-2 cubic mm, without inducing the formation of new blood vessels to supply the nutritional needs of the tumor. So without the tumors promotion of angiogenesis, tumor growth would terminate at a point where it would not be life threatening.  In 99% of cases observed by researchers, this is exactly what happens. The fact is that many people go to their grave with these small cancerous tumors never affecting the quality of their lives, but in 1% of cases, the tumor is able to generate its own TAF or aniogenesis factor allowing for uncontrolled cancerous tumor growth, in effect the switch is now locked to the ON position for blood vessel growth. Uncontrolled cancer malignancy has now begun.

Since rapid vascularization and tumor growth appear to occur concurrently, interrupting the vascular growth cycle is paramount to overcoming or even preventing malignancy. Or to put is simply, if one could turn the angiogensis switch to OFF, tumor growth would stop, and may even regress, or would have never started at all.

ENTER ribonucleotide reductase

(The following information is contains information from: http://www.dukemednews.duke.edu/news/article.php?id=444)

A gene labeled RRM1 is responsible for the production of ribonucleotide reductase. Ribonucleotide reductase or RR, has been known for 30 years or so and has been studied biochemically, and is required for cell viability and cell repair. It is also a necessary component for angiogenesis.  If you can knock out RRM1, there is no way a cell can overcome the lack of ribonucleotide reductase and survive."

Potential therapy could, therefore, either block the enzyme, rendering it ineffective, or could target the remaining copy of the RRM1 gene to prevent it from producing the enzyme. As with all cancer treatments, however, there needs to be selectivity so that cancer cells are killed but normal cells are left alone as much as possible. Normal cells have two copies of RRM1 and would be more resistant than a cancer cell that has 1 copy of the RRM1 gene.

With no ribonucleotide reductase active, the cancer will die, tumors will stop growing, angiogeneses will be turned OFF. 

While normal cells may be affected also, they should have enough residual enzyme activity to survive and wouldn't become cancerous just because of diminished RRM1 activity.  The gene doesn't make cancer, it just makes cancer spread when angiogenesis is out of balance."

Two copies of the RRM1 gene are good; no copies and the cell dies. One copy seems to make the cell prone to metastasizing or angiogenesis in the case of tumor growth.

Currently, new drugs are being developed known as andiogenesis inhibitors.

Enter Electrotherapy:

Since the introduction of the Effectrolysis  Hydrotherapy system, we have received positive reports as well as blood work for a variety of cancers. What has been puzzling is that many of these reports came from individuals who were running simple detox frequencies only. Since these frequencies have no known association with Rife Cancer frequency research, what may be the mechanism for these positive reports?

A clue as to what may be happening may have to do with the enzyme RR (ribonucleotide reductase) which some researchers believe to be at the core of cancerous growth.

A simple way of blocking this enzyme is suggested by the fact that at the center of this enzyme is a lone electron (free-radical) which is essential for its activity.  It has been demonstrate that such free radicals can be disabled with a small amount of electrical current being passed through the tissue.

Evidence is mounting that the vortex of cancerous growth and angiogenesis is centered around the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase.

In the 1985 study, electrotherapy was shown to consistently and progressively reduce tumor mass. This consisted of five one-hour sessions over 5 days at 2.4 milli-ampere!

Researchers (SEE: http://www.cancer-treatment.net/index.html) who are pursuing these protocols state “this cancer treatment should be effective in treating various solid cancers such as bladder, bone, brain, breast, cervical, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, rectal, skin, stomach, testicular, throat & uterine cancers.”

Rather this is the mechanism of the Effectrolysis hydrotherapy systems or other conventional Rife systems positive reports is not known, and certainly much more research needs to be done. However, it may provide interesting insight and clues on what may be happening during the sessions, and may provide a new avenue of research for resonant initiated field effects.

SUPPLEMENT GREEN TEA: http://greentealovers.com/greenteahealthcancer.html

"Green tea has also been shown to help prevent metastasis. Cancer cells secrete special enzymes called collagenases in order to penetrate and colonize various tissues. It is the metastatic (angiogenesis)process that is lethal, not the primary tumor. Hence finding substances that can prevent metastasis is of prime importance in fighting cancer. A study done at the University of Shizuoka in Japan found that epigallocatechin gallate does in fact inhibit the secretion of collagenases by tumor cells (in this study, highly metastatic lung cancer cells), thus arresting their ability to invade normal tissue. Black tea theaflavins were also effective. There is also additional evidence that green tea polyphenols help inhibit angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels that nourish the tumor."



Pulsed Field Assisted Chemotherapy by James Bare

Cancer case reports of benefit from vitamin C
Three case reports of benefit from intravenous use of high-dose vitamin C for cancer are being promoted here as a sign that perhaps a reassessment of the long-discredited approach is in order.

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