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One Supplement Remedies

An article posted to the Electroherbalism Listserver that asked for feedback which is included below the article.


Single Supplement Remedies

Too often I see recommendations for disorders that involve many supplements, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars per month. I wanted to come up with a list of ailments often alleviated by a single supplement, preferably an inexpensive one. Consider these recommendations are only what I would do for myself and will not recommend these for anyone else to use. It is for information purposes only and to give people a starting place to do their own research. Please contribute any reliable recommendations that you have found and I will add them to the list!

It is generally recommended to drink plenty of water, preferably as in the Water Cure. Drinking enough water is crucial to many of the recommendations below.

Lower back pain - Bone Strength or magnesium citrate

Osteoporosis - Now Bone Strength

Mild to moderate arthritis - Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice for Joint Health

Macular degeneration - Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice Eye Formula or Now Eye Support.

Cataracts - Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice Eye Formula

Upper back pain - Futurebiotic Silymarin Plus

Shoulder pain - Futurebiotic Silymarin Plus

Liver and gall congestion - Futurebiotic Silymarin Plus

Kidney, liver, or gall stones and other deposits - Planetary Formula's Stone Free

Endometriosis - Eclectic Institute Intestinal Support (formerly known as Black Walnut Wormwood capsules)

Uterine fibroids - Eclectic Institute Intestinal Support

Breast fibroids - Kelp capsules (any brand, although Now is generally cheapest) or Eclectic Institute Intestinal Support

Gout - Bromelain. Take in high amounts, like 6 - 10 three or more times per day initially..

Angina and other heart and circulation disorders - Source Naturals L-Proline L-Lysine is a Rath Pauling vitamin C, lysine, proline, calcium magnesium ascorbate product.


Responses to the call for people to submit their own favorite single supplement remedies.


From "Terry Vanderheyden" <drterry@bellnet.ca>

1.. Meadowsweet herbal tincture for GERD - 1/2 tsp after meals (I use St. Francis Herb Farm products)
2.. Niacin for high cholesterol, 1 gram 3X daily (if you can't tolerate the "flush, use inositol hexaniacinate form)
3.. vitamin E for Glomerulonephritis, thrombophlebitis, angina, and varicose veins
4.. Chaste tree berry tincture, 30 drops to 60 drops once daily from end to beginning of menses for PMS, also for acne and low breast milk
5.. Gymnema sylvestra for diabetes blood sugar control; Bilberry for halting long-term effects diabetes has in the body
6.. Bromelain for post-surgical inflammation and inflammation generally (I use Curzone)
7.. vitamin C for viral disease and everything else!
























See Favorite Supplements to see a complete list of supplements and Best Supplement Brands to see the cheapest places to buy your favorite brand online.

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