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The most reliable large online supplement vendors with the lowest prices, best ordering process, good customer service, widest selection, and fastest shipping tend to be Drugstore.com, Vitacost, eVitamins, Amazon, and HerbsPro. . Vitamin Shoppe also has good service and reliable shipping but their prices are not discounted as much as the others. Bodybuilding.com has among the best customer service and fastest shipping with an excellent selection and pricing on bodybuilding supplements and a good but not extensive selection of non-bodybuilding supplements.

eRegimens has the misfortune of being based in an affiliate "nexus" state where affiliates are considered a retail outlet so the state will demand taxes on online sales. As a result, vendors like Vitacost have dropped eRegimens as an affiliate. For now, Vitacost referrals are being made through Amazon, where Vitacost has a storefront and sells all their products at the same price as on the Vitacost website, although Amazon will likely follow in dropping all affiliates due to the nexus law soon in which case they will also be removed from eRegimens.

Luckily, Drugstore.com has greatly improved in the last few years and now has an extensive selection of nutritional supplements, herbs, and of course, many other health care products, and at some of the lowest online prices. Plus, they are now owned by Walgreens which already has a nexus in most states so is friendly to all affiliates. The downside is that they now charge a sales tax in most states. It is a good thing they have some of the lowest online prices so that even with paying taxes they are still competitive. Plus, for customers who live in an affiliate nexus state and do think that all online sales should be taxed, you can support your state.

Note there are some supplement sites that might have a better price than those recommended below but when you wait a week for them to put an order together and another week to get it delivered, you will wish you had gone with a reputable company. Check reviews of the really cheap websites before you order. This can be done on websites like resellerratings.com or epinions.com

eVitamins has the best selection and prices on Now products so I usually do most of my online supplement shopping there, eVitamins also carries almost all the same brands as Vitacost but Vitacost has a very extensive, deep selection of products in their brands. For example, eVitamins might have 300 products from a manufacturer while Vitacost has all 1500 so if you are looking for some hard-to-find product of that brand. this is something to consider..

Regarding shipping times, note that the location of the company plays a role in how long it takes to receive orders. some companies, for example, ships out of California so offer faster delivery to the west coast while others are on the east side and offer faster delivery to the east coast. This is not as much a factor if the order is shipping by USPS Priority Mail, since that is generally fast no matter from where it is shipping in the US, but UPS orders can take a week or more to receive from vendors far away. To see the best places to buy specific supplement and healthcare brands such as Enzymatic Therapy, Gaia, Eclectic Institute, Now, Twinlab, Aubrey Organics, Solaray, Herb Pharm, Garden of Life, and many others, please visit Popular Supplement Brands and the best places to buy them.

The table from Popular Supplement Brands is also included here since most people want to know where to buy their favorite brand of supplement cheapest and below that are the supplement website reviews.



Drugstore.com has greatly improved in the last few years and now has an extensive selection of nutritional supplements, herbs, and of course, many other health care products, and at some of the lowest online prices. They are also an excellent source for a wide variety of natural household cleaning products including those by Caldrea, Earth Friendly Products, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer's, drugstore.com logo 120 x 60and Bi-O-Kleen. They also sell Weleda, Tom's of Maine, and Burt's Bee bodycare items. It is good to see another vendor offering such a wide selection of goods and at prices to rival Amazon.

Shipping is often free with a $50 order and is very fast plus they have an excellent rebate program.

Vitacost has excellent prices and selection. They carry the complete lines of many brands such as Garden of Life, Enzymatic Therapy, and Planetary Formulas at discount up to 40% or more, which is among the best pricing available. They also carry most Allergy Research products. Vitacost provides a well designed website which is easy to shop with the ability to display a great number (up to 100) of the products of a given brand or type on one page, a feature more website designers should consider. They provide complete descriptions and content of most products, so it is a great site for research. The only downside to their website is it tends to get busy and, worst of all, there is sometimes a popup asking if you want to sign up for a newsletter, obscuring one's view of the page. Vitacost does not carry products by Now Foods or Solaray, but their discounted (50%+) house line of high potency vitamins and other supplements by Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) is excellent. Vitacost is the best supplement website for international shoppers since they guarantee pricing, converted into local currency, with no hidden charges or additional fees to the price quote (except perhaps customs fees). Shipping is fast with in-stock items and, unlike almost every other vendor, will tell you when items are not in stock so you have the option of deleting them to speed shipping, having the order ship separately, or waiting until they are in stock before the order ships.

eVitamins is a popular online vendor of supplements such as vitamins and has a very large selection of products and brands. They once had a minimal discount on many of their products but have greatly improved in the last few years to get competitive with other online supplement sites. They have the complete line of Now products like HerbsPro and the complete line of Solaray products like HerbsWholesale but eVitamins tends to have a better discount. They carry an extensive selection of Enzymatic Therapy and Twinlab like VItacost, and many body building supplement like Bodybuilding.com,

HerbTrader and Starwest Botanicals both offer an extensive selection of bulk herbs as well as essential oils and other health products. HerbTrader mostly carries the Frontier line of botanicals and Starwest offers their own famous line - Starwest Botanicals. Both offer bulk herbs in pound sizes in vacuum packed nitrogen flushed double layer bags and both are highly regarded as are their herb extracts. Shop both to see which has the best price on the desired product. Starwest's website is a little easier to navigate perhaps since they don't have quite the breadth of products that HerbTrader offers. Both sell essential oils - HerbTrader carries Aura Cacia and Frontier essential oils and Starwest has their own line. Both website are annoying in that listing all the herbs, essential oils, spices, extracts, etc, they don't have an alphabetical index, so it is easier to do direct searches than to browse, HerbTrader's website is harder to read since it has gray instead of black text. Note that Kalyx, reviewed below, sells Starwest Botanicals bulk herbs for less cost than Starwest themselves, but Starwest ships directly while Kalyx drop ships, so is typically slower. Although
Essential Wholesale sells essential oils as well as a large number of other health care products including their specialty cosmetic bases, bulk ingredients, shampoos, and other body care items including an excellent selection of mineral makeup.They also carry containers useful for packaging items which one crafts. Starwest Botanicals and HerbTrader have larger selections of essential oils than does Essential Wholesale but EW offers much better prices plus sells wholesale-size essential oils, up to 25 pounds. Essential Wholesale's newly designed website is easy to navigate and well organized.
HerbsPro, also known as Universal Herbs, is another Mega Online Supplement Store, like Vitacost and eVitamins. HerbsPro carries, in general, the same lines as eVitamins including the heavily discounted Now, Jarrow, and Twinlab brands, but eVitamins also carries Solaray products. They do offer premium brands like Enzymatic Therapy, Eclectic Institute, Herb Pharm, and many others. HerbsPro usually has complete product ingredients listings, but not in a convenient, easy to read tablular form like eVitamins and Vitacost. Prices are usually slightly higher than eVitamins. HerbsPro uses squashed jpgs to display product pictures in their search results and the pictures on the product pages are tiny. HerbsPro has flat shipping rates (free over a certain amount, currently $89) for orders up to 3 lbs, and after that they provide a $5.95 credit towards shipping. They offer a rebate program - cash back on purchases - similar to Drugstore.com (see below), but would be better to just discount their prices a bit more to match eVitamins..

BodyBuilding.com is one of the largest and best online merchants of bodybuilding, strength & endurance, weightloss, and other supplements. Their website is broken into two sections - one is the online shopping cyberstore and the other is the supersite which features a great deal of information on bodybuilding, weight loss, muscle gain, and competition, plus discussion and chat boards. An excellent feature is the wide variety of non-bodybuilding supplements including a deep selection of popular brands like Now and Solaray, but not Garden of Life or Jarrow. BodyBuilding.com website design is a bit annoying with a default black background and red, white, and blue text on all their pages and products can be hard to find, but since they offer excellent pricing, very fast shipping, and such a wide selection, this can be easily overlooked. Bodybuilding.com also has excellent customer service and even followups on orders to ensure satisfaction.

The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the oldest and largest supplement websites on the net. They have a huge selection of vitamins, supplements, health foods, bodycare items, and complementary healthcare books. They are one of the only discount websites that carries the entire Aubrey Organics line. When a promotion code is provided via email or on the website, pay attention since it may be needed to get free shipping or other discounts. When displaying a large number of products in a category, the Vitamin Shoppe website only allows a few to be displayed per page, a design fault that many websites with extensive product lines are now correcting. Prices are okay, with a typical discount of around 20%, but not as good as the vendors above. Product display pages are excellent with full disclosure of ingredients for most items. Shipping is fast and reasonable in cost and usually free with large orders. Since Vitamin Shoppe has over 250 outlets throughout the US, there are many states in which sales tax is assessed when purchasing online.
The Vita-Mix is a powerful blender that produces drinks which are composed of whole fruits and vegetables. It is the same machine that is typically used in smoothie shops and for frozen drinks in bars. It comes in commercial configurations and for home use, but the same durable motor is used in all of them. The Super 5000 series is variable speed and comes with two pitchers with blade assemblies - one for drinks and soups and one for dry foods such as grains and herbs. The Vita-Mix does not produce pulp like most juicers so cleanup is very easy, but some liquid like water must usually be added before grinding to make it a drinkable consistency. It supposedly grinds foods to the molecular level so that all the nutrients are easily absorbed, and it certainly includes more nutrients and fiber, most of which is in the pulp, than regular juicers. It is also an invaluable appliance for herbalists. An excellent, fast, and nutritious smoothie is as follows: put frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc) in the "wet" pitcher, add a handful of baby carrots or other vegetables, two scoops of a good whey protein powder, and some raw nuts like walnuts or almonds, or flax or pumpkin seeds. Add enough pineapple juice to cover. Grind for about 20 to 30 seconds on high speed until smooth. Makes a sweet smoothie suitable as a meal for both kids and adults. It can also be used to make drinks of the not-so-healthy variety such as frozen margaritas and daiquiris.

House of Nutrition carries probably the widest variety of supplements at discount pricing of anywhere online, although Vitacost and eVitamins are usually lower in price on specific items. House of Nutrition has the complete line of most common brands including Solaray, Twinlab, Now Foods, Enzymatic Therapy, and Jarrow at 25 to 50% off list price. They also carry some of the excellent brands which are typically hard to find online, especially at a discount, including Gaia, Eclectic Institute, Herb Pharm, Cardiovascular Research (Ecological Formulas), and Thompson, as well as Douglas Labs (a professional line sold at retail). House of Nutrition once carried Nutribiotic's excellent line of powdered vitamin C and mineral supplements including Meta-C, Electro-C, and Hypo-Aller-C, all highly regarded, but these have been discontinued. Some descriptions of products are given, but the full content is usually not provided. When ordering at the House of Nutrition website, submit the Coupon Code HOUSE when checking out to get an additional 5% discount.

Kalyx is mostly known as a vendor of discount bulk herbs, but carries a wide variety of products. They have a huge selection of herbs and herb extracts at very good prices and offer many of their herbs in 1 to 25 pound bulk sizes. Many of their bulk herbs sold in the pound size are nitrogen flushed vacuum packed from Starwest Botanicals and excellent. Their selection of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs is among the best and they carry some of the harder to find herbs like neem and wormwood annua as well as culture kits for medicinal mushrooms. There is probably no other place on the net where you can pick up a few pounds of bulk herbs along with a reed for your bagpipe, stakes for your camping tent, and a Barbie laptop computer for your kid all at the same place. Shipping can be slow, probably since most of their products are drop shipped. For Starwest Botanical Herbs, see the link above but note that Kalyx sells Starwest Botanical herbs cheaper than does Starwest. If in a rush to get the order and don't mind paying a little extra, it might be worth ordering direct from Starwest since they are an excellent and reliable vendor.
Life Extension ProductsThe Life Extension Foundation offers some good products. Prices are generally high even if one gets the member discount (membership costs $75 per year) but for some high potency and well-formulated products they offer the best value for the money. They also sell powdered forms of many vitamins and minerals otherwise hard to find. What sets LEF apart is the extensive research they sponsor, reports of which are available on their website as well as in their monthly magazine. They also offer testing and diagnostic services through conventional labs. LEF was one of the first large organizations to provide information and supplements for all types of health problems as well as weight loss and body building, and the founders, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are pioneers in the supplement field.
Only Natural Pet Store offers thousands of products from the leading manufacturers of natural pet care products, including vitamins, supplements, medicine, food, treats, chews, bones, flea control products, grooming supplies, litter, cleaning supplies, and much more. They also offer many hard to find products like organic food and treats, Only Natural Pet Storeherbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, raw food, flower essences, and natural flea control products. They carry dry kibble by Solid Gold and Wysong. ONly Natural provides a link for holistic veterinarian consultation, which is expensive at $75 per half hour, but they also have a free monthly newsletter on natural pet care and a section of Q&A by a holistic vet. Shipping is fast to very fast with FedEx and FedEx Express, or Priority Mail for light shipments.

See Favorite Supplements to see a complete list of supplements and Best Supplement Brands to see the cheapest places to buy your favorite brand online.

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